Ice Cream

Hi everyone, So I was experimenting and came up with this very simple recipe for making ice cream that is both Paleo and Keto. All you need is Vitamix and you are good to go. And you can easily experiment with flavors to make any type you want.

Chicken Stir Fry

Hello guys, I wanted to share this recipe that I have been making for years, with slight modification since we have been gluten free and now also following the Keto diet, so no noodles for us. I love chicken breast especially when it comes together with healthy veggies like bell peppers in different colors and…Read more »

Kofta Kebab

Hello everybody, So for those of you who never heard the name, it is Mediterranean ground beef fried on a skewer and full of flavor. What makes this dish truly unique is the amazing blend of spices, ranging from ginger and cumin along with fresh cilantro and mint leaves.