Fiery Napa Cabbage

Hello everybody, I personally in love with this super quick to make and very refreshing spicy salad 🙂 I made this salad ( along with many other dishes 🙂 ) for my and Roman’s birthday and it was a huge success ! It is a little too spicy for kids, but the adults kept reaching…Read more »


Hey guys, Who doesn’t love tacos? I mean seriously in our family every day can be a  Taco Tuesday if we have the tacos. And now with the Low Carb Tortilla we can do it whenever we want even with Keto and Gluten Free restrictions.  

Low Carb Tortilla

Hello everybody, I want to introduce you all to this wonderful low carb tortilla recipe that I will be using in different kind of dishes like Tacos, Fajitas, Quesadillas and probably some other goodies that will come up to my mind later 🙂