Gluten Free Banana Muffins

Hello guys, Something we have at home always, and in big quantities are BANANAS!!! While some people might say that bananas have too much sugar, for athletes  they are excellent source of energy and potassium. Daniella is very athletic and she trains 6 days a week in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, therefore she eats lots…Read more »

Mini Cheesecakes :

I’m back with the sweet goodness of the CHEESECAKE!!! Okay, admitting to a guilty pleasure here – I can’t control myself around cheesecake. But my friend Julia has introduced me to this amazing concept of turning cheesecake into cupcakes. And this way the cheesecake comes with a built in portion control. Win/Win situation for me.…Read more »

Almond Sugar Cookies

Hello everyone, finally I got around to making a desert. Well technically my daughter wouldn’t leave me alone asking for something sweet and we decided to make cookies. Since both of us have a gluten allergy, baking is limited to few ingredients, but we made due with some substitutes and made delicious, gluten free and…Read more »