Hi guys, I am back with more yummy food…

I’ve realized that so far the only recipes I’v been sharing are entrees, and I am afraid that I will get in trouble with my mom because of this LOL. See, the thing about Jewish moms is they have this believe that you are required to eat soup every day to stay healthy; so here you go mom, I am sharing a soup recipe 🙂

Here is the soup that absolute favorite of my daughter – she can literally eat it every day and ask for more 🙂

This is a very simple and healthy recipe I learned from my mother, and now i will share it with you. The soup is called in “Soup s Frikadelkami” which translates from Russian as meatballs soup. Don’t try to pronounce it in Russian – it is a tongue twister that you will spend forever trying to perfect 🙂


  1. Ground chicken breast- 1 lb
  2. Egg- 1 medium
  3. Onion- 1 medium yellow chopped to cubes
  4. Carrots – 3 medium cut to circles about 1/4 inch
  5. Celery- 1 stick cut to about 1/4 inch pieces
  6. Potatoes – 4 medium cut to about 1 inch  cubes
  7. Chicken Broth – 2 of the 42 oz boxes
  8. Vegeta Seasoning Soup Mix – 2 table spoons
  9. Salt- 1 tea spoon
  10. Garlic powder– 1/2 tea spoon
  11. Onion Powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  12. Flour Gluten-Free – 1/4 cup
  13. Fresh Dill – 1/4 cup
  14. Avocado Oil – 1 table spoon


For meat mixture:

Add the meat, egg, flour, garlic powder, salt, onion powder and mix it all very well. Cover it with Saran Wrap and chill it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to marinade all the seasoning into the meat.


Meanwhile –  In a pan add the avocado oil and fry the onion until it turns gold in color, than add the carrots and the celery and fry for another 5-10 minutes. you can add more avocado oil if needed.


Take a 8-10 quartz pot and add the 2 lb chicken broth and the rest fill up with cold water (make sure all this Liquid together takes only about 3/4 of the room in the pot) and bring to a boil. add the 2 table spoons of soup seasoning mix and reduce to small heat. Add the potatoes to the pot and cook until almost ready. Next add all the fried onion, carrots and the celery to the pot and continue cooking.


The last step would be forming the meatballs: wet your hands and take a small amount of the meat mixture and roll it to a size of a golf ball add gently add them to the pot. Cook on law-medium heat for about 45 minutes . Add the dill and cook  for another 10 minutes.

If you like my recipe, please share my site, I’ll be working hard to bring you some more good stuff.


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