Hi guys, I’m back with some more awesome recipes. After talking with my daughter about my favorite dishes, we decided that today we will make her favorite dish: Chicken Schnitzel with Rice. Schnitzel is a chicken breast, tenderized and coated in egg wash and flour, and then pan fried. It’s very quick and easy dish to make, and it’s so tender and juicy that nobody can resist it.



  1. Jasmine Rice – 1 cup
  2. Water – 2 cups
  3. Avocado Oil – 1 teaspoon
  4. Turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon
  5. Saffron – 1 pinch
  6. Salt – 1 teaspoon

Chicken Schnitzel:

  1. Chicken Breast – 1 LB
  2. Eggs – 3 whisked
  3. Salt – 1 teaspoon
  4. Black Pepper – 1/4 teaspoon
  5. Smoked Paprika – 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Flour Gluten-Free – 1/2 cup
  7. Avocado Oil – 1/4 cup


I start with rice, by bringing 2 cups of water to boil in a small pot. Add Avocado Oil, salt and spices, stir it for a minute, than add Jasmine Rice and mix it well with a fork.


Bring it to boil again and immediately reduce heat to the smallest setting, cover it and cook for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes,turn off the heat, open the lid, mix it well and cover again and leave it on the burner for 20 more minutes without heat.

While rice is cooking  we do the Chicken Schnitzel. Start by slicing your chicken breast into a 1/2 in thick, palm sized pieces, than smash them with Meat Tenderizer.


Mix eggs together with spices and whisk it in the bowl. Set Flour Gluten-Free into another bowl. Now heat the pan with some Avocado Oil, and start frying the schnitzel by taking the chicken, dipping it into flour and than into egg wash, than carefully set it into the pan on medium heat.


After about 5 minutes you can flip the schnitzel if the bottom is golden brown. Cook for about 5 more minutes.


Test on by cutting it in half, and making sure that the chicken is all white. Pink is raw and needs more cooking.

Now put some on your plate,add rice and enjoy. If you like my recipe, please share my site, I’ll be working hard to bring you more content shortly.


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