Ice Cream

Hi everyone, So I was experimenting and came up with this very simple recipe for making ice cream that is both Paleo and Keto. All you need is Vitamix and you are good to go. And you can easily experiment with flavors to make any type you want.

Keto Lasagna

Hi guys, I hope you like lasagna, because I have this amazing recipe that I would like to share with all of you 🙂 This is not your typical Lasagna with noodles, instead i substituted it with fresh zucchini for a low carb/ gluten free/ keto friendly option. It turned out great and all my…Read more »

Chicken Stir Fry

Hello guys, I wanted to share this recipe that I have been making for years, with slight modification since we have been gluten free and now also following the Keto diet, so no noodles for us. I love chicken breast especially when it comes together with healthy veggies like bell peppers in different colors and…Read more »

Kofta Kebab

Hello everybody, So for those of you who never heard the name, it is Mediterranean ground beef fried on a skewer and full of flavor. What makes this dish truly unique is the amazing blend of spices, ranging from ginger and cumin along with fresh cilantro and mint leaves.

Matzo Babka

Hello guys, So I have been making this super easy matzo dish almost every day for Passover because how easy and fast is to make it and how delicious it turns out. Matzo Babka is a giant pancake made out of matzo and can be used basically as a bread to create sandwiches with, or…Read more »

Fiery Napa Cabbage

Hello everybody, I personally in love with this super quick to make and very refreshing spicy salad 🙂 I made this salad ( along with many other dishes 🙂 ) for my and Roman’s birthday and it was a huge success ! It is a little too spicy for kids, but the adults kept reaching…Read more »

Stuffed Cabbage

Hello guys, So yesterday was my birthday, and Roman had his birthday the day before that, and on top of that it is the holiday weekend so with all those events to celebrate, I am going to spend lots and lots of hour in the kitchen (which I LOVE) in order to make yummy food…Read more »

Peanut Butter Cookies

Hi everyone, So Daniella decided that she wanted Peanut Butter Cookies. She loves them and it’s such an easy recipe, that we decided to quickly make them. Of course I had to make two batches, one for Daniella with Coconut Sugar and one for me and Roman with the Swerve to make it Keto friendly.…Read more »


Hey guys, Who doesn’t love tacos? I mean seriously in our family every day can be a  Taco Tuesday if we have the tacos. And now with the Low Carb Tortilla we can do it whenever we want even with Keto and Gluten Free restrictions.  

Low Carb Tortilla

Hello everybody, I want to introduce you all to this wonderful low carb tortilla recipe that I will be using in different kind of dishes like Tacos, Fajitas, Quesadillas and probably some other goodies that will come up to my mind later 🙂

Chocolate Pudding

Hello everyone, So Daniella started asking me how come all the deserts I’ve been making are Keto and that she wanted something that is Paleo so she can eat it too. Daniella, like most kids, doesn’t handle Xylitol that is used as a sugar substitute in Keto too well, so any time I want to…Read more »

Raspberry Cheesecake

Hello everyone, So it turns out we have a party to go to, and I was requested to make a desert. So I was thinking of what to make, and I remembered my husband has made an amazing cheesecake before that was both sugar and gluten free but the last time we’ve brought it, no…Read more »

Chicken Cabbage Stew

Hello again, It is still very cold in Michigan and we were all craving for something warm and comforting to eat. Daniella always loved the Cabbage Stew, and it is so easy to make. I typically set it into my crock pot in the evening and leave it cooking overnight. It only takes me 15-20…Read more »

Gluten Free Banana Muffins

Hello guys, Something we have at home always, and in big quantities are BANANAS!!! While some people might say that bananas have too much sugar, for athletes  they are excellent source of energy and potassium. Daniella is very athletic and she trains 6 days a week in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, therefore she eats lots…Read more »

Ukrainian Borscht:

Hello Friends! Yes, I feel like we know each other well enough by now and we can call each other friends 🙂 I spoke with my friend Jean from New York a few days ago, and she mentioned how great it would be if I make Ukrainian Borscht and write the recipe step by step,…Read more »

Mini Cheesecakes :

I’m back with the sweet goodness of the CHEESECAKE!!! Okay, admitting to a guilty pleasure here – I can’t control myself around cheesecake. But my friend Julia has introduced me to this amazing concept of turning cheesecake into cupcakes. And this way the cheesecake comes with a built in portion control. Win/Win situation for me.…Read more »


Hi guys, it is a time to post a breakfast recipe, and what can be better than “Shakshuka”, and no, it’s not a spell from Harry Potter :), it is a delicious typical Israeli breakfast that really can be eaten as lunch or even dinner. So what is so special about this dish, that everybody…Read more »

Almond Sugar Cookies

Hello everyone, finally I got around to making a desert. Well technically my daughter wouldn’t leave me alone asking for something sweet and we decided to make cookies. Since both of us have a gluten allergy, baking is limited to few ingredients, but we made due with some substitutes and made delicious, gluten free and…Read more »

Beef Stew

Hello everyone, I’m back with more yummy food. Yes, I know I promised to share more than just entrees, but it’s been cold here in Michigan, and we wanted some nice hot comfort food. And what is more comforting than Beef and Potatoes slow stewed together to perfection? Well of course Beef and Potatoes stewed together…Read more »


Hi guys, this time i decided to introduce you to Chili! This is my husband’s recipe, and we have been cooking it for a long time and with the Instant Pot it is so much easier and quicker that we make it more often. This Chili recipe is a HIT and my husband was even…Read more »

Chicken Schnitzel with Rice

Hi guys, I’m back with some more awesome recipes. After talking with my daughter about my favorite dishes, we decided that today we will make her favorite dish: Chicken Schnitzel with Rice. Schnitzel is a chicken breast, tenderized and coated in egg wash and flour, and then pan fried. It’s very quick and easy dish…Read more »